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Ceramic Glazed Blue & White Vase

Ceramic Glazed Blue & White Vase

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  • Stunning Glazed Vase: A great way to spruce up any space is to add some stylish vases filled with beautiful blooms! Get creative and experiment with different shapes and sizes to make a style statement that's unique to you. Bring freshness in beautiful blue & white hues to your space. Set them up on a table or shelf, and they will exude elegance and class.
  • Display ideas: Use them to display real or artificial flowers. These vases are perfect for adding a pop of color and life to your living area or workspace.
  • Hand-crafted: These pieces may have slight irregularities and imperfections which only add to the unique charm of the product.
  • Sold as individual pieces: Available in three unique shapes for you to choose from. You can grab the whole set or simply pick your favorite. The price mentioned is per piece.
  • Materials: Made of Glazed ceramic, these vases are very easy to clean and maintain.
  • Care: Wipe with a dry cloth. If required, wash and dry immediately after that.
  • View the whole range: You can view our range of vases here.


In Centimeters
* Large: 29 High x 15.5 Wide 
* Mouth Size: 8.5 Diameter 
* Medium: 24.5 High x 17 Wide 
* Mouth size: 10 Diameter 
* Small: 16.5 High x 20 Wide  
* Mouth size: 13 Diameter 

In Inches
* Large: 11.41" High x 6.10" Wide
* Mouth Size: 3.34" Diameter
* Medium: 9.64" High x 6.69" Wide
* Mouth Size: 3.93" Diameter
* Small: 6.49" High x 7.87" Wide
* Mouth Size: 5.11" Diameter


* Large: 2000 grams
* Medium: 2020 grams
* Small: 2000 grams

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