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Big Brass Planter

Big Brass Planter

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In Centimeters:
40 High x 40 Diameter

In Inches:
16" High x 16" Diameter


4320 grams

    • Attractive large planter: It's not easy to come by large planters that also look stunning. Our Vintage Brass Planter planter has an attractive brass finish that adds a lot of style to your decor.
    • Wide mouth: You can place large plants comfortably inside this large planter to create a striking look with tall plants inside your home.
    • Material: Made of galvanized iron with an antique brass finish, this indoor planter is both strong and easy to care for. 
    • Each piece is unique:  As it is hand-made, each piece varies slightly in tone and color and that is part of its appeal
    • Indoor use only: This decorative planter is meant for indoor use only as outdoor exposure can change the finish.
    • Individually priced: The price mentioned is per piece - multiple pieces of the big brass planter shown together for display purposes.
    • Pair it With: You can pair it with our Vintage Brass Planters for a stunning dramatic look
    • Do not plant directly inside Your plant should be inside a plastic pot when you place it inside the planter. Do not put mud and plant directly as this will spoil the finish. Place a plastic sheet at the bottom of the planter to prevent any water leakage from spoiling the inside finish. 
    • No drainage hole: This planter does not have drainage holes as it is meant to be used only with plastic pots. Bring the plant outside this pot to water it.
    • Care: Wipe with a soft dry cloth. Do not scrub with abrasive materials.
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