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Blue And White Porcelain Deer Pair

Blue And White Porcelain Deer Pair

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In Centimeters
* 23 High x 15 Wide x 10 Deep
* 18 High x 20 Wide x 10 Deep

In Inches
* 9" High x 6" Wide x 4" Deep
* 7.2" High x 8" Wide x 4" Deep


1300 Grams

  • Embrace a mischievous and playful vibe! Embark on a delightful journey into a world filled with mischievous beauty and playful accents with our Blue & White Porcelain Deer Pair. These enchanting deer figurines are meticulously handcrafted to bring joy and whimsy to your home. Their captivating blue and white design instantly captivates the eye and complements a wide range of interior themes. Ideal for creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. With their irresistible charm, they are perfect for igniting conversations and adding a mischievous touch to your decor scheme. Embrace the allure of these cherished deer and let their playful aura infuse every corner of your living space.
  • How to display in the garden?: The deers are perfect for adding some fun and quirkiness to your garden. Place them amongst plants without worrying about getting them wet. Since they’re made out of porcelain, these can be wiped down easily.
  • Bookshelf & table display: The little Deer family will also look cute displayed amongst books or on a shelf as part of any console or table decor.
  • Priced as a set: The price mentioned is for a set of two deer. The wooden display bases are not included in the price.
  • Material: Made of porcelain, hand-painted ceramic which gives these pieces a subtle lasting shine.
  • Unique gift: This set of deer is a great gift for any animal or garden lover.
  • Care instructions: Wipe with a dry cloth. If required, wash and dry immediately after that.
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