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Cute Owl Bookend

Cute Owl Bookend

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In Centimeters
12.5 High x 23 Wide x 9 Deep.

In inches:
5" High x 9" Wide x 3.5" Deep.


600 grams

  • Playful Accent: Liven up your bookshelves with these quirky owl bookends. Lending a quirky touch to the surroundings, these cuties add color and charm.
  • Hand Painted: These 2 bookends use natural and environmentally friendly pigments, hand-colored, bright colors, and the owl's cute pet characteristics are vividly displayed.
  • Multi-purpose: Bookends are ideal for organizing books, CDs, DVDs, and magazines, or in your workspace, study, living room, office, or school shelves, desks, and side tables.
  • Unique Gift: Simple and stylish. Perfect Gift for your loved ones! Make your book collection stand out with our elegant and decorative bookend!
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