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Red/Gold Tall Glass Candle Stand - Set of 3

Red/Gold Tall Glass Candle Stand - Set of 3

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In Centimeters
* Large: 40 High x 12 Diameter
* Medium: 36 High x 12 Diameter
* Small: 30 High x 12 Diameter

In Inches
* Large: 16" High x 4.8" Diameter
* Medium: 14" High x 4.8" Diameter
* Small: 11" High x 4.8" Diameter


Small: 480 Grams
Medium: 480 Grams
Large: 500 Grams

  • Introduce Some Sparkle: It's all about adding a dash of extravagance and glamour to your festive decor with this beautiful tall glass candle stands holder. Intricately designed, the candle holder features beautiful red color, crystal glass. The candle holder looks majestic with its golden color finish made from fine quality glass and features an elegant design on the stem.
  • Creative Design: Illuminate your surroundings with our charming candle holder, adding a touch of beauty and serenity you your garden or home. Classic in design and timeless in style, this stunning accessory effortlessly enhances any space.
  • Sold As Set Of 3: The price mentioned is for set of 3.
  • Material: Glass And Metal Stand.
  • Care: Wipe with a soft dry cloth or wash gently with water if required.
  • View the entire range: You can view all our lanterns and candle holders here.
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