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Cute Monk Backflow Burner

Cute Monk Backflow Burner

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In Centimeters
23 High x 16 Wide x 10 Deep

In Inches
9.05" High x 6.29" Wide x 3.93" Deep


1000 grams

  • Multipurpose Incense Burner: This beautiful ceramic sculpture of a tiny Buddha on a lotus leaves can be used in two ways: as a regular incense cone burner and as a backflow burner - where the smoke flows downwards to create a beautiful impact. 
  • Create A Magical Effect: The smoke flowing downwards over the leaf pad below creates an intriguing effect of a quiet waterfall - that helps create a calming atmosphere in any space. 
  • How Does A Backflow Burner Work? Backflow burners have a tiny hole above which you place a special incense cone which also has a hole at the bottom. When you light the cone, the smoke is pushed through the holes downwards instead of upwards creating this magical effect.
  • Where Do I Buy Back-flow Cones? These are easily available on Amazon or Flipkart - search for ‘backflow burner incense cones’. Please note that this burner does not come with any incense cones or sticks. 
  • Practise An Ancient Ritual: Lighting an incense stick or dhoop batti is a great way to establish the mood of your day. This centuries-old ritual is believed to clear negative energy and reduce anxiety.
  • Lovely gift: It is an ideal gift for any family, friend or colleague who loves to collect artefacts.
  • Beautiful finish: It is made of ceramic, which makes it very easy to clean and maintain.
  • Care: Wipe with a soft dry cloth or wash gently with water if required.
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