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Rustic Tabletop Metal Planter

Rustic Tabletop Metal Planter

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In Centimeters
* Large: 22 High x 24 Diameter
* Medium: 18 High x16.5 Diameter
* Small: 15 High x 14 Diameter

In Inches
* Large: 8.5" High x 9.5" Diameter
* Medium: 7" High x 6.5" Diameter
* Small: 6" High x 5.5 Diameter


* Large: 1850 grams
* Medium: 1300 grams
* Small: 850 grams

  • Tabletop planter: This lovely rustic tabletop metal planter is perfect for displaying indoor plants on a tabletop or a shelf. 
  • Unique indoor planter: Made of iron and aluminum, the pot has an eye-catching unique rustic finish. As it is hand-made, each pot varies slightly in tone and colour and that is a part of its appeal.
  • Individually priced: The price mentioned is per piece - multiple pieces of the metal planter shown together for display purposes. You can choose the right size and quantity for your requirements.
  • Each piece is unique: As it is hand-made, each piece varies slightly in tone and color and that is part of its appeal.
  • Goes well with To create a delightful appearance, simply add adorable Taara Head Sculpture or Sitting Buddha Sculpture Small while displaying it. 
  • Do not plant directly inside: The best way to use this decorative indoor planter is by placing a plastic pot inside with a plant. Do not put mud and plant directly as this will spoil the finish.
  • No drainage holes: This planter does not have drainage holes because they are meant to be used only with plastic pots.
  • Indoor use: Meant for indoor use as prolonged outdoor use can change the finish.
  • Care: Wipe with a damp cloth and dry immediately. Do not scrub with abrasive materials.
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