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White Taper Soy Candle - Set of 2

White Taper Soy Candle - Set of 2

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In Centimeters
25.5 High

In Inches
10" High


100 grams

  • Ritual Candle: White taper candle, mainly designed for decorations and giving gifts, gives an elegant and classy look when lighted up in small spaces like dining room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen etc. These decorative candles are also used to embellish a place be it a big auspicious occasion like wedding or a small party or event. Several taper candles are often lighted up together to give an exotic and alluring look.
  • Premium Quality: Made of soy wax, these candles are toxin and paraffin free and are safe to use.
  • Scented Candle: it has Vanilla fragnance.
  • Do's & Don'ts: Always trim the wick before lighting the Candle. Burn within sight. Never burn a candle completely. Always let the surface wax melt completely in the first burn. Don't Blow your Candle instead snuff your Candle with Candle Snuffer and pull the wick slightly upwards after doing that.
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